Remodeling and Additions

Our Process and Who We Work With


This includes demolition, excavation, foundation, garage and basement floor finishes, driveways, drainage, grading, water and gas hookup.BayCraft have worked with this excavation team for eight years. They have a great setup and are very professional. Excavation and foundation is a critically important aspect to any larger project.

Excavation by BayCraft Construction
Materials used by BayCraft Construction


We get 95% of our building materials from MAKI Building Products out of Gardner. For our bigger projects we get with Paul Marquis (sales rep) and Peter from the engineering department of MAKI and do a complete inventory of the materials needed for the job at hand from A to Z based on the plans. They deal with most window and door brands. This company also engineers roof trusses and gets them produced for us based off the plans. We find them very reliable, fast and efficient with very competitive prices for all aspects of the building process. The materials get delivered in stages as the building comes together. We switched from Koopman to MAKI four years ago.


Our framing team is made up of Irish and South Americans. In all, there is a team of eleven people for framing and exterior finish (window installation, exterior trim, roofing and siding) to bring the project to a watertight exterior envelope.

Framing by BayCraft Construction
Electrical Done by BayCraft Construction


We work with Torraco Electrical. Based out of Franklin we have worked with Steve (the boss) for ten years. He is a master electrician, very knowledgeable and very good at working with the customer (and GC) in layout, where the plans fall short, proposing workable solutions. He has another guy with him called Ronnie who is also a veteran electrician.


A father and son team, Ray and Jeff Snow are both master plumbers. They are old school, real tradesman that served their time and make things look easy. They are in and out before you know it, nothing ever seems to be a problem. We have worked with them for over ten years.

Plumbing by BayCraft Construction


Here we work with another father and son team Bob and Jeff Savoie out of Wayland. Bob has been in the business since the late seventies and formed Service First in the early nineties. Both he and his son are master HVAC service professionals. Again Bob is great with customers, you will find him friendly and always willing to take the time to explain things.

Blue board and Plaster

Here we alternate between two different outfits (World Plastering or Daniel Plastering) depending on their availability. They are both excellent plastering teams that get the job done expertly every time.

Oak Flooring by BayCraft Construction

Oak Flooring

For our Oak flooring we go with a Vietnamese outfit. The boss Justine has been in the US since 1975 and has worked in the Oak flooring business since then. They are a great team that work really hard. Their floors are always perfect.


Our tiler is a 15 year veteran. We have tried various different tilers over the years but decided a few years back to stick with Marcus. He has been working for us for ten years and is proficient with all aspects of tiling. He works with a helper (for mixing the thin set and grout etc), he is quite, reliable and a perfectionist in his work.

Tiling by BayCraft Construction
Interior Trim by BayCraft Construction

Interior Trim and Finish

This aspect of the job is done by us directly, everything from crown molding to baseboard and from curved banisters to wall paneling is done directly by us. All the interior finish in other words.

Other Aspects

For painting and landscaping we tend to coordinate with homeowner regarding such services as often time they have someone (company) in mind for these services.

For gas fire place installation we like for the customer to go with the company that provides the unit to also install it, we would provide the electrical services and connections for such but it’s better to have them install it and vent it for speed and warranty purposes.

I hope this has provided some insight for you as to how we operate.

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