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Alan Brennan

Alan Brennan

Owner & Production Manager

Alan Brennan is the owner and production manager of BayCraft Construction. He has over 30 years experience in residential construction. He has a back ground in aviation and qualified as an aircraft mechanic before switching to construction in the early eighties. He holds a construction supervisors license in both California and Ma.

We concentrate solely on New House, Additions and Remodels. Over the years we have developed a strong 20 man plus team that are true professionals in their respective fields.

Alan has literally worked in all facets of the construction process from design, to excavation, to foundation, to framing to finish.

Our Process

Here’s what happens when you contact BayCraft Construction looking for a quote on your project:

  1. Alan will make an appointment and come to your place of residence. He will listen to what your ideas are and answer any questions you may have about the project, he will offer suggestions If needed.
  2. If there are no plans or designs for the project these can be provided, if the homeowner has plans /drawings already a quote will be given based on those.
  3. Once the plans are in place, a detailed quote and estimate time-frame will be sent by email to potential customer, complete with references
  4. The homeowner will be followed up in writing to make sure he/she has gotten the quote and any questions clarified.
  5. If the homeowner is interested in moving ahead a contract will be drawn up and signed by both parties
  6. A time-frame for the job will be agreed with the homeowner.
  7. All permits will be pulled as needed, the job will be started as promised at the time agreed.
  8. Constant communication will be kept with the homeowner at each stage of the project and nothing will be done without full understanding. Great care is taken to ensure homeowner and contractor are on the same page at all times.
  9. The project will be done in stages and a payment schedule will be adhered to as each stage gets satisfactorily completed. Final payment is given when all punch list items are completed and all permits signed off.
  10. All work is warrantied.

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