Time to get things organized again for a new year of residential construction in Massachusetts. We spent the last few months in Clearwater/Dunedin Florida doing finished work for some friends that flip houses down there. Floridian construction is so different than it is here, but there are always the constants for any job, whether you are a homeowner, a DIY enthusiast or the foreman of a construction company:

  • Make sure the plans you have are adequate for the project
  • Be very thorough in compiling an exact list of materials for the job at hand, better get everything delivered/collected at once.
  • Make an exact list of tools you will need for the project and make sure all are in place before you start.
  • Take the time to protect floors, furniture and to block dust from entering the rest of the house. A stich in time saves nine.
  • Don’t skimp on safety, wear goggles, or gloves, or hardhats, or boots, or masks, or knee pads if the job demands it.
  • Organize the workplace with tools, power access and materials as close to the job as possible – spend time to do this properly.
  • Do the job in definite stages i.e finish demo completely and get rid of all debris before moving on to framing etc… finish one thing and then move onto the next.
  • When completed, take care in putting the tools back in there correct places, clean the space thoroughly.
  • Have a nice cup of tea and a ham sandwich for yourself.


All the best




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